screwydame (screwydame) wrote in geeksnfreaks,

Freaks & Geeks RPG Needs Nick, Sam, Bill, Cindy, Amy, & More!

A brand new RPG for the brilliant-but-cancelled Judd Apatow/Paul Feig
series "Freaks & Geeks" is about to start and needs YOUR participation!

The setting is September of 1981. The summer has gone by and Lindsay and
Kim are home from their tour with the Grateful Dead. All-new
misadventures and hijinks will ensue as the students enter a brand new
year of high school.

We desperately need the following characters before we can start:

Nick Andopolis
Sam Weir
Bill Haverchuck
Cindy Sanders
Amy Andrews
Millie Kentner

But there are a LOT more open characters. Made-up characters will also be
accepted. The character limit is 5 per player.

If anyone's interested you can join up at:
or just contact me directly.

~ Abbs :)
Moderator, McKinley High RPG
Plays: Ken Miller, Kim Kelly, Sara, Laurie, and Harold Weir
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